Saturday, September 25, 2010


Apologies guys ... I really have been neglecting my brownie project recently, actually I have been neglecting writing about my brownie project, mainly because I have baked from a run of very uninspiring recipes, nothing worse than "Blahh" Brownies!!!!! .... but good news, some really good ones to share with you over the next while.

Darina Allen is known as the grandmother of Irish cooking, and her most recent book "Forgotten Skills of Cooking" certainly gives credence to this title.  Fancy a bit of foraging - this is the book to turn to.  Feel the need to cook some offal - Darina's your woman.  Food preservation is you thing -  she will hold your hand through the process (although she'll probably chastise you at some stage!!!!!)

Darina says that this recipe makes 9 generous brownies - I'm not a great one for small helpings, but I would say that this makes about 16 generous portions!!  I would recommend this recipe when you are baking for a crowd, it is easy to follow and makes loads!  My only negative comment would be that the brownies were far too sweet (and for me to say that is something - I may not be able to tolerate pain, but I can certainly tolerate sweet!!!!!)

Bumper Brownies

275g/10oz            Dark Chocolate
275g/10oz            Butter
5                          Eggs
350g/12oz            Granulated Sugar (I'd use less next time)
175g/6oz              Self-raising flour
110g/4oz              Chopped hazelnuts (I didn't bother with the nuts)

Line a deep tin 30x20x5cm (12x8x2in) with parchment paper
Preheat oven to 180C/350F

Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over simmering water (or by your favourite method)
Whisk the eggs and sugar together until light and mousse like. (the lighter the better)
Add the chocolate mixture to the egg mixture, stir through.
Fold the flour in gently.
Add the nuts (if using)
Pour into the prepared tin and bake for approx. 35 - 40 minutes (the centre should be slightly wobbly)
Allow to cool in the tin.
When cooled cut into squares.



ruairi said...

Awesome, Ive seen Mrs. Allens book, but as a student am way to poor to buy it...oh well, browsing in waterstones will have to do, me thinks :-) I have to admit though, offal is something I would find difficult to enjoy, none the less an interesting and historic ingredient I suppose !

Lucie said...

Good to see the Brownies back! These look delicious, shame that they were a bit sweet for you - but they do look lovely all the same :)

Jemima said...

Wow, what a simple fab recipe, I am baking tomorrow and I have never bothered with brownies before, I'm not really a fan...but I think you've tempted me! x

freerangegirl said...

Hi BG they do look delicious, the texture looks perfect. Like you though I dont like my brownies too sweet - I some time add abit of cold black coffee to the mix which just perks them up a bit. Keep on cookin!

Karen said...

Such a simple recipe and they look great! 9 pieces would make huge brownies!!!

Maria♥ said...

I would love a slice of one of your brownies right now, they look so delish!


SteelCityFlan said...

Thank you for your kind comment! :) Everything on your blog looks delicious - that semifreddo in the last post is calling me by name :D Mmm! Irish cooking! I'm a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Irish school is hopefully taking us on a trip to Ireland this year, and I'm so excited!

Julie said...

Too sweet? That's crazy talk! Hehe...they look just fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Hazelnuts?! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Why have I not been visiting your site of late? Craziness! I'm glad I chose to pop in on brownie day! These look delicious! Here in the States, walnuts are the usual addition to brownies. Hazelnuts are genius! I will have to go fly with this concept!

La Bella Cooks said...

While I like the idea of the hazelnuts in there, I would go your route and leave them out. Nothing like a delicious brownie by itself to savor. These looks so comforting!

Choclette said...

They look really good with that lovely crispy top. Only 9 brownies out of this would be an indulgence - but I guess 18 just means you can have seconds without feeling too bad?? You've beaten me to it with all this chocolate and hazelnuts - we've got that as this month's We Should Cocoa.

Danielle said...

What a great recipe! The brownies look huge and very chocolatey- just the way i like them! Ha, but that is a lot of sugar to use!

HanaĆ¢ said...

These look lovely! I was going to tell you about a new brownie recipe I found and love. I made twice in the last 2 weeks!! Let me know how you like them, if you choose to make them :o)**ASCA00

My changes to it:

* Use 2 cups (14 oz) of granulated sugar + 1/2 cup (3.5 oz) of dark brown sugar for a subtle caramel undertone.
* 2 hand fulls of choc chips sprinkled on top of brownie batter instead of folded in.

Brownieville Girl said...

Thanks a million for this Hanaa - for some reason I can't access this recipe, but on that recommendation I'll keep trying!!