Thursday, June 17, 2010


I love this time of year, my organic vegetable box scheme has resumed for the summer .... I really look forward to each Saturday when Niamh arrives with a basket of goodies, it's like a mini birthday each week!!  (easily satisfied or what?!).  This is my first basket of the year - those potatoes were out of this world, the salad was delicious and beautiful, but the tarragon was another story (not the tarragon, but the abject failure of a Bearnaise sauce I tried to make with it :-{{)  I did take a photo but I'm ashamed to put it up near the beauty of the vegetables!! (It is shown below where it belongs !!)


Another highlight of this time of year is samphire, I nearly jumped up and down with delight last week when our (excellent) local fish shop - Connolly's, had it in stock (they are used to me by this stage!).  When they started to stock samphire some years ago, I received a gift of a large bag full, for being the first customer to recognise it and give recipe suggestions. (Proud Day!!).

Yesterday we had prawns wrapped in lemon sole with samphire, mushrooms and roast potatoes for dinner,  I could recommend it as a dinner for any occasion - and am planning to serve it next time we have friends over for dinner.  I think this way of preparing the dish is an improvement on the way I cooked it last week.


It is much easier to eat prawns when someone else has done the hard work (somehow when we go to restaurants and someone orders prawns - I'm the one who ends up shelling them!!).  I think that by wrapping the prawns in the sole you get a portion of both in each mouthful, which is a really good thing.  Although it has to be said that shelling and veining (?) prawns is not a fun job!

                     The reason why there was no Hollandaise sauce served with dinner - my confidence took a tumble when I tried to make the Bearnaise!!!


Lemon Sole Stuffed With Prawns

1     medium lemon sole per person (skinned)
2     large fresh (uncooked) prawns per person                              
lemon zest                                                                      
lemon juice
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 180 C

Prepare the prawns being sure to remove the dark thread down the back.
Lay the prawns on the narrow end of the sole.
Scatter lemon zest over the fish (I use the microplane grater) and season.
Squeeze lemon juice over and then drizzle with some olive oil.
Roll up, and roast for about 20 minutes.

I just stir fried/steamed the samphire in lemon juice (white wine is good too).

You can of course use any fish you like.



Rhyleysgranny said...

1. You have a veggie box

2. You have a fishmonger

3 I am very jealous.

What a lovely fish dish. Yes prawns are messy but oh so worth it. Off to google samphire :)

PS I like your new look Blog

BetterLate said...

I NEED to live where you live, either so that you can feed me or so that I can get ingredients like those !!

Saffy said...

Your veggie box is GORGEOUS!! And yes, the fish is too - but the veggie box has flowers, so it wins :)

Anonymous said...

wow... I love your veg box... I wish they delivered to me out here but alas... and samphire ... I guess i'll have to make do with salivating over your photo's!

Unknown said...

I love samphire! My Grandma told be once she used to collect it as little girl off the coast of Lincolnshire - that would be in the 1880s, I've had a sort of affection for it ever since and I love the salty crunchiness of it.

Brownieville Girl said...

There was I jealous of all those people with farmers markets near by!!!!!!! But I know I am very lucky.

Saffy, the flowers were very special as Niamh's son (who is friendly with my #2 son) put them in the basket for me :-}}

The samphire has both great taste and texture, it tastes of the sea and is lovely and crunchy.

Brownieville Girl said...

Sorry Liz, we were writing at the same time!!

That is the perfect way to describe samphire :-}

Gloria Baker said...

I love your pictures and I love prawns!All look nice! gloria

Anonymous said...

That veggie box is really something else...and as for samphire, I've only ever heard of it, let alone tasted it or seen it in the 'flesh'. And BTW that prawn and sole recipe is absolutely making me drool over the keyboard- (not to worry over the béarnaise, it happens:-))I am so craving fish and seafood lately!