Thursday, April 22, 2010


I really enjoyed the Bizcocho I blogged about here, and  fancied ringing the changes with it.  I came across a bottle of coconut liqueur (bought on holidays years and years ago) during a recent clear out, and the little bulb in my head pinged!  A coconut and lime cake (actually there is a possibility that I am addicted to lime glaze and will use any excuse to make it!!! - expect to see Lime and Lime Glaze Cake very soon!!).

I added a fist full of coconut chips and 2 tbsp of the coconut liqueur to the mixture - and it tasted divine.  I actually had to take half the cake to my bookclub meeting to stop me eating it!  They loved it too.

Texturally, I think it might have been better to use dessicated coconut instead of the coconut chips, or maybe to have soaked the chips in the liqueur.  But the fact that the chips were a tiny bit hard is the only blot in the copybook of this cake - more than compensated by the taste.

Primroses are my favourite flower, and I thought I would share a picture with you (think I need to sign up for photography classed very, very soon!!)

I couldn't sleep last night, so after I had drafted this post (so far) I decided to use up the last of the greek yogurt.  This time I went with hubby's favourite flavours - rum and raisin (well actually  sultanas, but hey!).
To ring the changes I used 1/3 wholemeal flour instead of all plain, and it worked really well - his taste runs to the more healthy, so this was perfect for him.  Actually the cake is so soft that it could even take half wholemeal.  The rum was subtle but there, and the (presoaked) sultanas were moist and juicy.

I presoaked (about 2 hours) 100g of sultanas (next time will use 200g) in 3 tbsp of rum.  Then made the cake as normal - 1 tub yogurt, 1 tub oil, 2 tubs sugar. 1 tub wholemeal flour, 2 tubs plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 3 eggs (problem with one of my eggs, so I only used 3 and the cake was fine), finally added the sultanas and rum.  Could it be easier? - my only problem was to get to the oven before the timer went off and woke the house!!!


Lucie said...

What a cake! Looks so moist and it has a lovely variety of ingredients. Well done. I love primroses too, they're so cheerful. Thank you so much for voting for my salad, you're a sweetie! Love Lucie xx

Saffy said...

Again, yum. Tell me my dear, how do you get through all these delicious treats? :) Or maybe the answer is to have kids with hollow legs!

Unknown said...

This cake looks great. I love how simple and versatile it is.

Jutta said...

I love a loaf cake with drizzle or syrup - yum!
Have you tried Nigella's Lemon Syrup Loaf from HTBADG? I love it and get great compliments about that one.

Brownieville Girl said...

Lucie, it's my pleasure, well deserved.

Saffy, teenage boys are the answer to all overbaking problems!!

Thank you Danielle, it really is the most versatile recipe I've come across.

Jutta, I love that cake and often bring it as a gift to friends (who said you can't buy friendship!!!!)