Wednesday, June 2, 2010


AMERICAN                                     IMPERIAL                       METRIC

1 cup flour                                             5oz                                    150g

1 cup caster granulated sugar                 8oz                                    225g

1 cup brown sugar                                 6oz                                     175g

1 cup butter/margarine/lard                    8oz                                      225g

1 stick butter                                         4oz                                     110g

1 cup sultanas/raisins                             7oz                                      200g

1 cup currants/cranberries                     5oz                                        150g

1 cup ground almonds                          4oz                                         110g

1 cup golden syrup /honey                    12oz                                       350g

I found a version of this chart over on Like Mam Used To Bake  and I thought it was a great idea - I have printed it out and stuck it to the inside of my baking press (cupboard).  I am particularly happy to have the stick of butter measurement here, and I find it really hard to get that simple conversion into my thick skull!!!!

P.S. No reason for the photo of the calves other than I think they are so cute (even when they have kept me awake all night!!!)

Please forgive the fact that the chart is all over the place!!!!!!  I just can't figure out how to get it right.


La Bella Cooks said...

Great idea! I have friends in England who send me cookbooks so a conversion chart always comes in handy. Love the cows as we have lots of them near us as well.

Velva said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing this handy information.

Manu said...

It's very useful. Thanks

Lucie said...

Very handy BVG - thank you, I will copy this as I am often too lazy to convert things when I see a US recipe :)

Saffy said...

Love the calves! Do they have names or are you more of the no-names-for-working-stock variety? I've always worked on 100g = a stick of butter, good to know that I need to add 10%. You're a wealth of info BG. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. And the numbers look kind of deliberatley artistic like that ;-}

Brownieville Girl said...

Thats me Emmalene - very artistic!!!

Calves not ours Saffy, too many to name, and way too cute to think where they are going :-{
Saffy - good to know you are cutting down on the wicked fat without even knowing!!!

Thank you Bridgett, Velva, Manu and Lucie - hope it is useful :-}}

Sabrine d'Aubergine said...

Good bless you! I'll compare it with my chart (full of personal, hand-written notes...). Thank you and... Ciao!


Bigarade said...

oh this is so helpful!! :D
Thankyou,since my "culiverter" widget on my blog died,i kinda guestimate :D

À LA GRAHAM said...

Love it...thank you. Those calves are adorable! I was glad you weren't posting a beef recipe...I think you would have converted me to vegan! Have a great weekend :)

Robert Jones said...

This is getting bookmarked, definitely useful since I do a lot of US food blog reading! ^_^