Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm in need of something savoury - I have a bit of a sugar headache after the last number of posts!!

I saw Tyler Florence making this coleslaw on his Tyler's Ultimate programme and thought it looked really interesting, an alternative to the usual cabbage and carrot coleslaw.  I love coleslaw (particularly if there is a high carrot to cabbage ratio) but am always on the lookout for unusual, tasty salads.  This salad stands out on a table, the vibrant colour really does deliver on it  promise - it tastes really delicious.  The goats cheese in the dressing is a wonderful sharp contrast to the mild and slightly sweet taste of the squash.  The pecans are crunchy flavour filled morsels scattered through the salad offering both a textural and taste complexity.  The recipe called for some dried cranberries, but I found these to be just too sweet - the squash is sweet enough as it is.  This is my version:

Butternut Squash Coleslaw

150g          creamy goats cheese (not the type with rind)
2 1/2 tbsp  honey
4 tbsp        extra virgin olive oil
4 tsp          cider vinegar
1                lemon  juiced
2                medium squash
1/2 cup      toasted pecan nuts

Mix the cheese, honey, oil, vinegar and lemon juice and adjust to your taste if needed.
Remove the narrow top from the squash (use the bulb portion (with the seeds) for something else)
Peel the squash top and julienne it - the food processor is great for this.
Combine the squash and dressing and nuts.
Season to taste.



Saffy said...

Hi BG. Sounds good - and simple. I too have a coleslaw fetish :) Just to clarify - no cooking involved, just nice finely cut squash? Yummmm. As a sidenote I love Nigella's pecan coleslaw with a maple syrup infused dressing. Nom nom nom :)

Brownieville Girl said...

I agree Saffy, Nigella's Maple coleslaw is great.

Yup, the squash is raw (and really good:-})

Unknown said...

What a fantastic summer side dish!

Lucie said...

Wow this looks fabulous, lovely to whip up something a bit different. Lucie x

Manu said...

I've never heard a recipe like this, I have to give a try!LOL

likemamusedtobake said...

This sounds totally yum. Must try it out soon.

Sook said...

Ooh I just love the color!!