Saturday, July 3, 2010


My organic vegetable box seems to get better and better every week.  Last week Niamh delivered a fantastic box of loveliness - those strawberries tasted like about ten strawberries concentrated in each one - the sort of strawberries that I imagined farmers wives giving to Enid Blyton's Famous Five for their picnics (along with lashings and lashings of ginger beer!!).

Those are the peas that didn't see the cooking pot despite my having planned to use them in the pea and rice soup I posted on Monday (they were delicious!)*.  In the right hand corner there is a pot of Lemon Balm, which I used in a salsa verde type sauce for some fish.

Lemon Balm Salsa Verde

3 tbsp      lemon balm - chopped
2 tbsp      coriander - chopped
2 tbsp      parsley - chopped
2              anchovies - chopped
2              garlic cloves - grated
2 tbsp       capers - drained
zest and juice from one lime
extra virgin olive oil.

Make a paste from the anchovies, by mashing them with the side of a knife on a chopping board.  Add this paste to the chopped herbs, lime zest and juice.  If your capers are large - chop them up, otherwise just add to the sauce. Add good extra virgin olive oil to taste.  Season with pepper and serve with your fish of choice.

The lemon balm added an extra something to the sauce, it was wonderfully tangy and fresh, a lovely combination with  hake fillets. 

* Pea pods can be used to make a really tasty vegetable stock AND you have the satisfaction of feeling like a Suzie Homemaker (waste not want not!)


Unknown said...

What a good idea ! I have a surfeit of lemon balm...

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely!

Manu said...

I love salsa verde, it's so good in winter with boiled meat!

Anonymous said...

I was about to say that i'm jealous of your veg box but I have cherries growing on my tress, salad in the ground, strawbs to be picked at the farm down the road... am I showing off? ... well...i'll be jealous come the winter!

Brownieville Girl said...

Dominic - no veg deliveries during the winter, and I saw your lovely carrot and beetroot, so I'm the one who's a bit green round the eyes!!!!

Liz, I'm also thinking of trying a pesto with it, always worth a go!!

Manu, that's a great idea, it would really brighten up meat in the winter.

Thanks Emmalene :-}

Saffy said...

Your description of the strawberries brought a big smile to my face. Smashingly delicious I gather. Yummmmmm :)

Bigarade said...

oh this looks so delicious.
i want a veg box :(

Sook said...

Salsa verde is always so good, especially the homemade ones... :)

Made2Order said...

looks good, but you might want to crush the capers or chop them up a bit. sometimes the caper flavor is too intense.

Cristie said...

Loved this post. Can't wait to give your Salsa Verde a try.

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

innovative and interesting