Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just when I thought that all was rosy in the garden a Red Velvet Cake came and bit me you know where!!

I have been reading about the American favorite "Red Velvet Cake" for forever, and finally decided to give it a go as I had managed to source some red colour paste (I didn't fancy using half a bottle of the supermarket stuff), I can assure you that the rest of the paste will be kept for my icing!!!

Never one to leave well enough alone I decided to make the cake mixture into mini-muffins and ordinary muffins - I made the batter, filled the cases half full and in return I received - a considerable amount of time scrubbing muffin tins!!!

The really awful part is that I had a house full of teenage boys (well four, but they are very tall!!) and they wouldn't even eat the ones I salvaged ..... this is not a good sign.  I can't say I blame them, these uglies had a strange texture and taste.  I wonder if the whole point of Red Velvet Cake is the icing, and I gave up the game too soon?

Anyway,  these go into the "never try again folder"!

The recipe I used was from Rachel Allen's Bake, I won't bother giving it to you!  In Rachel's defence this is the first recipe I've tried from this book that didn't taste great.

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Manu said...

What a mess!!! Try again . . . I always try the recipes twice and if they still turn out bad well, "they go into the "never try again folder"
LOL Manu