Monday, March 22, 2010


I discovered glucose liquid for the first time at the supermarket a few weeks ago .... not too exciting you might think, but in my world VERY exciting, I could at last try Delia's Truffle Torte.

Every year at the start of the build up to Christmas, the first thing I do is unearth my Christmas cookery books (except Nigella's which is on the go all year) and every year I come upon the picture of a delicious looking chocolate torte in Delia Smith's Christmas and decide to make it..... then every year I search in vain for glucose syrup.  NOW can you understand how exciting my discovery was?

Next I just needed an occasion to serve it (a bit rich for just us) and my sister provided just the event (Thanks Sis!)  It turns out that this torte is my nephew's favorite dessert of all time, and he is only 5!  Pretty sophisticated tastes when you consider that it contains pretty much only 75% chocolate, double cream and rum!!

A word of warning, this torte is very, very rich and most people would only be able to manage a small portion (excepting said nephew who scoffed about 1/3 of it).  I think it would be beautiful served with some fresh raspberries and some sour cream.

The next time I make this I intend to line the tin with ginger nut biscuits, I think they will give the torte a nice edge.

Truffle Torte

Line the bottom of a 23cm spring form cake tin with parchment and brush the sides with a tasteless oil.

5 tbsp     glucose syrup
5 tbsp     rum
450g       high cocoa content chocolate
570ml     double cream
75g         biscuits (amaretti or ginger)

Crush the biscuits and scatter over the base of the cake tin.
Put the chocolate, glucose and rum in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.
When melted stir until smooth and leave aside to cool for 5 minutes.
In a separate bowl beat the cream until slightly thickened.
Fold half of the cream into the chocolate mixture, then fold this mixture into the rest of the cream.
Spoon evenly over the crushed biscuits in the cake tin.
Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight (at least)
To serve, run a palette knife around the edge, slightly loosen the spring form.  Turn the torte onto a serving plate.
Dust with cocoa if you wish (I didn't) and serve.


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arista said...

This sounds great - I think I would need to drink about 5 cups of tea with one slice to cope with it! It is surprising a 5 year old would love this - maybe he'll be food blogging in a few years time!