Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am so tired of having to reduce my portions all the time, I wanted to have a Sunday lunch where I could pile my plate as high as I wished and then not be racked with guilt afterwards!!  (I know Greedy should be my middle name - actually Greedy would be better than my middle name (Thanks Mother!!)).

I decided that "extra low fat cream cheese" was the answer to my woes, and do you know something - it is, in a big way.  I would even use these vegetables for guests!  They are good.

First up, I love garlic mushrooms, but with all that butter they don't belong on any virtuous menu :-(
These ones do though.

Garlic and Cream Cheese  Mushrooms

Punnet of mushrooms (250g)
One garlic clove
2 tbsp extra low fat cream cheese (Philadelphia or supermarket own brand)
1 tsp olive oil.
Small handful of dried porcini mushrooms (soaked on hot water)

Clean the mushrooms with a damp cloth or a mushroom brush.
Remove the stems from the mushrooms, and chop (the stems)  finely.
Heat a frying pan and add the oil.  When sizzling add the mushroom stems, drained and squeezed dry porcini mushrooms and the garlic (grated or chopped very finely).  When soft add the cream cheese and season.

Put a teaspoon full of this mixture in each mushroom hollow and bake for approx.  20 - 30 minutes.
Serve and wait for the praise!!!

This mixture would be great with pasta too.

I know that I said that I agreed with the "life is too short to stuff a mushroom" school of thought - but I've changed my mind!!!!

I also served mashed potato, in which I substituted the usual butter and/or cream for the extra low fat cream cheese, it was fantastic, nearly as good as the real thing.

This is the answer for everyone with a family who don't run to the table the minute "Dinner" is hollered
called (I can only imagine!!!). I spotted it on the kitchenist blog - it is based on an Alice Waters recipe for Slow Cooked Buttermilk Broccoli.
This is how I made it:

Slow Cooked Buttermilk Broccoli

Large head of broccoli
4 tbsp buttermilk
zest of one lemon
1 garlic clove - grated.

Chop the broccoli up into very small pieces - you can use the stem, just peel it first.
Add the garlic and half the lemon zest.  Add a cup of water and bring to the boil. (stock would be good if serving with pasta instead of as a side dish)
Turn down the heat and simmer very gently for about an hour, checking regularly, if it starts to stick add more water.
When ready drain (if necessary) and add the rest of the lemon zest and the buttermilk (or extra low fat cream cheese) and stir vigorously - it should be semi mashed.
Season, serve and enjoy.

This is another dish that would be good served as a sauce with pasta.


Manu said...

Wow!!! I'm in office and my mouth is watering, I wish I could eat all these delicious meals!

Anonymous said...

Garlic mushrooms...mmmh, haven't thought of these in ages, and now that I think of them, I remember how much I loved them! I will have to try out this recipe now..and I am really intrigued by the idea of the buttermilk broccoli..another one to try too :-)

Maria♥ said...

Those garlic creamy mushrooms look sooooo good!


Anonymous said...

I too love garlic mushrooms, these ones sound great, suitable for my health kick ... off to try :)

Lucie said...

BVG why do you always seem to cook all things I absolutely love?! :) This looks so delish, especially the mushrooms - Lucie x

La Bella Cooks said...

I am a mushroom freak so these would be right up my alley. Love the low fat cream cheese part too!

Unknown said...

I love stuffed mushrooms and with garlic? YUM!!! I'm also intrigued with your brocolli recipe. I'm getting bored with my plain ole steamed brocilli. I want to give both of these recipes a try.

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy for a light appetizer or snack. I love mushrooms. I will definitely make this recipe. I adore your blog!!!

Brownieville Girl said...

Thanks a million for all the positive comments - Grinning here!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge stuffed mushroom fan too. I'll have to try your recipe.

Question regarding your shortbread -- to make individual shortbreads vs. one big one, would I still cook on a long sheet or cut first or cut after baking? If individual, would it alter baking time? I'm going to a specialty store tomorrow so I hope to find the custard mix and rice flour so I can make these this weekend. I think my tea will be filled with all with lots of your recipes!

Brownieville Girl said...


I usually make the shortbread on two round tins, and then cut into eight while still hot in the tin. Allow to cool for 15 minutes in the tin before removing to a cooling rack.

Custard not necessary :}}

Hope this gets to you on time.

HorseJumper12341 said...

Broccoli is most definitely my favorite veggie of all time!! Yum!