Saturday, May 1, 2010


The easiest breakfast in the whole world is a smoothie - I love the feeling of having two of my "five a day" done and dusted first thing.  A friend shared the idea of using frozen fruit in smoothies with me about a year ago and it works wonderfully.  Firstly the smoothie isn't watered down by using ice, therefore giving you maximum vitamin and mineral content per sip (every second less eating breakfast is one second more in bed!!).  And secondly frozen fruit is much cheaper and most of the year (here in Ireland at least) much tastier.

A recipe really isn't necessary - I just pour a half a bag of frozen fruit (usually summer fruits or just strawberries)  into the liquidiser (blender) cover with fruit juice (grape or cranberry are favoured chez moi) and whizz, adding more juice if necessary.  If I'm feeling really adventurous I'll add some yogurt.

Remember to rinse the liquidiser out immediately, makes wash up much easier.

Couldn't be easier.


Lucie said...

What a great idea to use frozen fruit! I will be sure to try this, looks so good. Have great weekend. Lx

Saffy said...

Yum. That colour is just amazing.