Sunday, May 2, 2010


The work and school going contingent in this house have a very early start, and breakfast has to be fast and nutritious (and sometimes portable, for car consumption) over the years pancakes have become the breakfast of choice.

One of the great advantages of pancakes is that the batter can be made in advance - I find that it keeps well for up to three days, this means that I only make the batter twice a week, I love short cuts in the mornings!!


5oz         plain flour (I use Italian 00 flour as it doesn't have to be sieved)
2             large eggs
250ml     milk (approximately) whole/simi/skimmed - whatever is handy

Add the eggs and 100ml milk to the flour and whisk vigorously, add more milk - enough to make the batter smooth and the consistency of double cream.
You can add two tablespoons of melted butter at this stage - and I would if you don't make pancakes often, this step makes the frying the pancakes easier.
Heat your frying pan (a small one is best), melt a small knob of butter in it - coat the pan with the butter.
When sizzling pour some batter into the pan (2 dessert spoons is the right amount for my pan) and swirl to spread out to the size of the pan - you don't want a thick pancake, so spread well.
The pancakes take very little time to cook.
Serve with lemon/sugar/orange juice/smoothie/nutella whatever takes you fancy.

For the member of the household who (size wise) cannot afford  to eat butter, eggs and flour first thing (actually anytime, but we'll ignore that) porridge is a good breakfast option.  I don't mind the taste of porridge but I find the texture a bit off putting.  This porridge is extra good for you and has a much better texture than oats alone.  I eat mine with some frozen raspberries at the bottom of the bowl and the porridge on top.

This recipe makes a container of porridge which lasts me for weeks.

Improved Porridge

500g          Porridge Oats (rolled oats)
100g          Barley Flakes
100g          Rye Flakes
50g            Sesame Seeds
50g            Linseeds
50g            Sunflower Seeds

I usually blitz the seeds in the processor, add the the oats and flakes, stir and store.

To make the porridge,  I measure a 1/2 cup of this mixture to 1 cup water and 1/2 cup of milk.
Bring to boil stirring then turn the heat down and simmer for 5/10 minutes.



Saffy said...

That's a well fed family indeed :) Funnily enough I made pancakes for brekky this am and have written (but scheduled it for later - cheating I know) on them. I think I've finally settled on Jamie's pancake recipe. No good for making in advance tho because of the beaten egg white factor. Your porridge recipe sounds about 1000 x more exciting than my usual - now I just need to remember to add these extras to my shopping list. Thanks for the brekkie tips!

Jutta said...

Love pancakes! I am a fan of Delia's recipe. But I am always experimenting with different pancake recipes. I have finally mastered (well almost) the art of titling the pan until my pancake evenly coats the bottom. I would never make them on a busy morning though especially as my kids like toast. I eat porridge for breakfast too.

Anonymous said...

I crave pancakes. With Butter, Sugar and Lemon. Just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love your idea of making batter twice per week. You have some great ideas :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter's a huge pancake fan, which I normally don't like making. But, ever since finding Jamie Oliver's (Food Revolution Cookbook), we seem to have them almost every weekend.

Yesterday, we had your Coffe was awesome. I wasn't sure if I would be able to find the instant expresso powder but I did find it. It will definitely be on our tea party menu. I made little mini ones and my family (and my brother's family) couldn't stop eating them. I'm still looking for the rice flour around here but as soon as I find it, I'll be making your shortbread. Thanks again for the recipes.

Unknown said...

well i wish i didnt read this post! because i ended up seeing the pancakes and thinking "hey i have all the ingredients for that! ill have some now!!" which is all well n good cept its 11pm lol thanks for the inspiriation :P