Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am honoured to be sent this award by Nickki at The Claytons Blog - my  introduction to the world of blogging - no wonder I am addicted!!!

The rules are as follows:

1. Copy and paste the award onto your blog

2. List who gave the award to you and add a link to their blog.

3. List 10 things that make you happy.

4. Pass the award onto other blogs and let them know you have done so.

Here goes:

a.  Getting this award has made me very happy -  it's wonderful to get feedback. (I also love getting comments on my posts)

b.  My family, every day and in many, many ways.

c.  I am fortunate to have been blessed with wonderful friends.

d.  Mad Men - I'm lovin' it (!)

e.  Good restaurants

f.  Reading a good book, then discussing it at my bookclub.

g.  A new cookbook, reading it, marking the recipes to try and then actually trying them.

h. Finishing my walk!!!

i.  Being snuggled up inside when the weather is bad.

j.  A massage (for those who know me - I havn't been taken over by aliens!!!! - I mean it!)

My nominees are:

Manu at cooking manu.

Angela at soapmoms kitchen

Edie at munchies and musings

 Bridgett at la bella cook

Saffy at motherhood with a side of sugar

Melanie at heavenly bites

Pam at pams midwest kitchen korner

Lily at lily collison blog

These are all fantastic blogs and well worth looking up, I enjoy them immensely.

Jutta has just nominated me for this award (such a compliment - beaming here!) otherwise she would be on the list Happy Valley Cook - we started this blogging business around the same time, and I hope that I have managed to support Jutta as much as she has supported me.

Lucie at cooking at marystow was also nominated recently so don't want to repeat too soon!!

If I have forgotten anyone I'm really sorry (this feels like when you are having a party and are afraid of missing out on inviting someone special!!!)


Lucie said...

Well done BVG, this is a well deserved award. I am so touched that you gave me a mention, it means a lot - thank you. I love your list of things that make you happy! Lucie x

Anonymous said...

BG, thank you, now you have me beaming! I was just reading your latest post in my RSS feed but didn't expect to see this :)

Now I have to put on my thinking cap!

Anonymous said...

BVG - Thanks so much for the award! I'm thrilled to get it. I too will have to put on my thinking cap, if only to figure out how to copy the award onto my blog (LOL).

Thanks again. I appreciate it!

Pam said...

Way to go with the award, Brownieville Girl! You certainly deserved it and you really have a lot of good things listed there! Thanks for passing the award on to me ~ I feel very honored that you thought of me! Have a good evening, my friend!

La Bella Cooks said...

Congrats on your well deserved award. Thank you so much for passing it along to me! I will proudly display it on my blog. This made my day!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award. You deserve it. Thanks for honoring me. I am thrilled. I was having a bad day and you made it a little brighter!!:) Love, Love your blog!!!!

Unknown said...


Way to go, girl ! - and you never even mentioned the award today !! Loved all 10 items in your list but was particularly happy to see the inclusion of wonderful friends and massage ! One other comment; well, more a query - which bookclub ?! Ps Love your food !! Well done on your blog - it's fab - I could be an addict !! xx amc

Brownieville Girl said...

Grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat here!!

Amo - your one!!

Saffy said...

BG you're far too lovely!!! Thank you :) I'm sorry it has taken me days to come over - I've been hunched over a sewing machine making that grrr 1920s costume. Hours and hours of sewing - but hey, at least I have a costume now :)

I love your blog. If the internet had smellavision you'd be the chocolatiest blog around - yum :)